How Do I Start?

ArrowsSo now you know a little bit about archery, you maybe thinking what's next? Well our thoughts would be, why not try it for yourself? Whether you wish to experience it as a individual, a family, or with colleagues we are able to cater for all.

Firstly we would suggest that you try your hand at archery on one of our "Have-A-Go" days. We hold a number throughout the year where all are welcome, you will be given basic coaching and then able to shoot your first arrows from a real bow.

If from this you want another chance to test your skills at archery you might then consider signing up for one of the beginner courses. These are run during the summer months, with each course lasting 4 weeks (one evening session per week). Courses are organised on demand and are dependant on the number of participating beginners.  
Alternatively if you wish to experience archery as group of people we are also able to organise hospitality events where companies, social clubs and other groups are able to shoot on one day courses by special arrangement.

Once you have had your introduction to archery, you might feel this is a sport that you would like to pursue. If that's the case, then why not consider joining a local club. There are many around the country and the GNAS are able inform you of the clubs in your area. Our own club is situated in Kidderminster in the county Worcestershire.