Saints and Sinners Bowmen Archery Club

Greetings from all at Saints and Sinners Bowmen, one of the oldest archery clubs in the Kidderminster area. Please take some time to look look around. Our website has been created for both club members and for people with an interest in the growing sport of archery.

This archery club was formed from the old Bradley & Turton Archery Club and Franche Company of Archers in 1962. It aims to promote archery in all forms - Target Archery (Indoor & Out), Field Archery, Clout, plus many other variations such as Archery Darts.

The club, now past its 50th anniversary, has organised beginners courses every year, and from this have produced archers that have represented county, regional and national organisations.

Acknowledgment of Individual Outstanding Achievements

The club had at one time five master bowmen Margaret Heath, Dulcie Salter, Mary Hawkins (then Corrigan), Dave Dalton, and Mike Cotton. At various times Dulcie, Dave and Margaret were West Midland Regional Champions. Dulcie who reached the status of Grand Master Bowmen also represented our country at the World Championships in Sweden in 1975.

Dulcie and Dave were also named in the top 10 archers in the country and Dave won the British Field archery title twice. Many awards have been won throughout the club including the W.M.A.A. Novices for first year archers.

Acknowledgment of Club Achievements

The success of the club is in the hands of its members who have always worked hard to create a friendly atmosphere, combining shooting and social events. It’s like a large family.

The fact that Saints & Sinners have celebrated their 40th anniversary in what is probably regarded as a minority sport, speaks volumes.

During the early years they organised the British Field Archery Association Championships in Hawksbatch wood, part of Wyre Forest, over 200 archers from as far as Scotland and Wales attending.

S&S have organised the Worcestershire County Championships, the West Midland Regional Championships & F.I.T.A. Star rating, a two-day event, several times.

Ron Bone, John Millinchip & Geoffrey Basketfield (Brintons) organised the “Stoke Mandeville” Charity shoot which ran for 25 years raisings a significant amount of money for the hospital. Later the first British crossbow championships were incorporated with this tournament.

The same members initiated the Worcester County Archery Association and the British Field Archery Association now disbanded for English, Welsh & Scottish Associations.

Looking to the Future

Now in the 21st century, S&S are still experimenting with new and exciting ways to improve the club and the services that it provides to its members. In 2003 the club invested in a new clubhouse, with the existing one being short on space and needing substantial repairs. April 2004 saw the launch of the Saints & Sinners Bowmen website, with its intention to keep the members more involved and informed of the going’s on within the club.

Where to go next? Saints & Sinners Bowmen are always looking for new members who feel they can offer something to the club. With new members joining every year, bringing their own ideas into the club, who knows what will happen over the next 50 years. One thing is for sure, there is still a bright future for the members of Saints & Sinners Bowmen Archery Club.

Written by Dave Dalton